e-MEL event in Paris – Barcamp – Training scenario workshop

March 30, 2017 – CLEMI (Presentation of clemi – International project E-MEL- training scenarios)

Working Group on Promoting Citizenship – PLA “Teacher training, a key instrument of the implementation of the Paris Declaration” – Paris 29-31 March 2017

“The ultimate goal of education is to help children grow up to become responsible young adults capable of facing economic and social challenges and having what we call a “good life”. This means skills and competences for the labour market, but also a broader personal development of individuals, leading towards a critical, confident and independent citizen, able to understand the complexity of modern society and prepared to cope with its challenges.”- EUROPEAN COMMISSION
DG Education and Culture – Directorate “Modernisation of Education I” Unit A1 “Europe 2020, Education and Training 2020, Investment Plan”

This Barcamp session aims to show the training scenario in MIL. Based on the detailed plan of the scenario drawn up by the clemi team, the trainees invent, imagine, build their own scenario (1 h). After presentation in the form of a timed restitution (3 mn) and exchanges with the complete group, discovery of the clemi scenario, confrontation of the scenarios and analysis of the strengths and the axes of progress.

This event is organized by: Carole Helpiquet